Dance Styles

Dance Styles

Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop

Our jazz is a combination of Theatre/Broadway Jazz as seen in movies such as Chicago where students focus on technique & rhythm, to modern Funk Jazz seen in music video clips and movies where students learn the latest moves to modern music. For our more senior students J.F.H. is a combination of Jazz / Funk / Hip Hop with a commercial vibe to it. This style is inspired by music film clips and artists like Chris Brown, Usher, and Missy Elliot. You will love this class, Learnt at a pace for both beginners to advanced. Its freestyle, Funky with the freshest moves.

Street Tap

Our inspiration – Fred Astire, Bootmen and Billy Elliot!

Our tap lessons are choreographed to the latest music and tapping trends.

Students are taught the basics and techniques of tap, this enhances coordination and rhythm. In addition students have fun and explore a combination of old and modern freestyle tap.
Beats teach under the L.G.T.D.A Syllabus, students have the opportunity to sit their exams advance their technique and gain a qualification.


A very versatile and interpretive dance style, It was developed in the 20th century as a reaction against the strictness of ballet. Beautiful to watch it combines ballet, Lyrical, modern and free movement, contemporary can be danced to almost any style of music. It allows beginners to explore the style and pushes the more experienced dancers to new boundaries of body movement. it is very broad in terms of music but we love a lyrical to Adele, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran.


Cheerleading is what most people recognise from the movie “Bring it on”. We teach the American style Cheerleading with a focus on ‘All Star’ Accredited technique and terminology. It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dance & requires dedication and a strong work ethic. It is as physically demanding as any other mainstream sport and is one of the fastest growing team based athletic sports. Beats has both class and competitive opportunities for cheerleaders and were the winners of Winterfest 2012 Australian AllStar Cheerleading Competition.


Originating in Italy in the 15th Century, later devloped in France and Russia. Ballet is influentiatl and defines the structure of many other dance styles. Famous Ballets include Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. Students learn technique and work towards learning the language terms. A more stirct enviroment for those looking to increase their ability in all areas. We offer both Flat and Pointe classes depending on student level. We provide training and examination opportunities under the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus and highly encourage students to undertake Ballet as part of their foundation and dance program.

Stretch Technique Acrobatics

This is the class where we see improvements, skills, tricks watch our flexibility increase, improvements will flow through to all other areas of dance. Learn to use your core muscles and advance through to walkovers and aerials. BDS uses equipment and appropriate flooring/matts to undertake this class. Classes are taught by accredited teachers under the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.

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