Term Dates:

At Beats, we operate our class term dates to coincide with the NSW State School term dates.
Please note: Term 4 end date will differ each year depending on end of year concert dates. For correct year dates, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or regularly check our website/ social media for updated information.

Beats Tuitions:

Registration $30 per FAMILY (Non refundable) payable at time of registration. 

Payment Methods: 

All fees are paid electronically. Once enrolled you will receive an Invoice from BDS there are 2 options both via Ezidebit:

  1. Pay by term – Link to make payment with card provided in email and on invoice.  
  2. Direct Debit – This has been set to three even instalments on the 1st of the three months that fall with in the term commencing. If you select this option you will be promoted to create your account. 

BDS has designed a fee structure has been developed to make it easier for families towards the end of the year and for automated administration. 

5TH STYLE IS FREE – We want to promote students doing as many styles as possible therefore those whom undertake 5 styles are charged only for 4 styles, your 5th style is completely free (this applies to general classes only and excludes competitive, singing, privates, acro, exams etc). 

PERFORMANCE TEAMS & COMPETITIVE CHEER Prices are per class. Additional costs and deposits are required in performance teams for costumes & comp entry fees. 

One Team $15    Two Teams $20    Three Teams $25 

At the end of term 3 there are NO more payments required (yes that’s correct no seperate costume fees/Rehearsal fees!) Let us explain a little better – we got the costs for everything for the entire year and split it into three equal payments (YAY!)


 1 style = $197    2 styles = $368  3 styles = $540  4 styles = $711  5th Style= FREE


1 style = $226    2 styles = $427  3 styles = $627  4 styles = $828  5th Style= FREE

Singing/Privates Annual = $35 per ½ hour / $60 per 1 hour

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